Monday, August 30, 2010

Typhoons on the way (surf IN Japan

Typhoon # 6 has formed just south of Taiwan, it looks like it will track up the inside of the island and the swell fromit will be blocked from most of Japan - But fingers crossed - If we're lucky it will change direction and track up the eastern side of the island and if it does start planning those sick day. 

Comment: Well the low that formed off the top of the Philippines did head north over Okinawa and up the Western side of Kyushu. They are getting decent swell now and the breaks on the Western side of the island are all well over head high. 
I was tempted to Jump in the car and take advantage of the ¥1,000 weekend toll rates to chase a surf down there over the weekend.
Instead I'm at the family home watching from afar and talking to surfers down there as they get out of the water and call to gloat. Oh well the weather pattern looks to be changing favorably and I'm hoping for some decent surf action in the near future. is a source of information for your trips to the coast - if it is not on the attached pages it will be in process, keep checking back to see new stuff being added daily. and if you have a particular question email me and I'll try and hook you up or sort you out.


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