Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Body Surf sandy beach Chiba Japan

4th Element bodysurfing hand ski visits the Ginza Apple store

Aug 21 & 22 Saturday and Sunday at Katagai (just north of Ichinomiya) in Chiba on the pacific coast of Japan.
The Easterly swell had dropped so all of the office worker ant surfers were out of luck. Well not really the average Japanese surfer is little bigger than a feather weight boxer and can stand on a surfboard in waves even only knee height.
I stand out, not only because of my blue eyes but because I'm at least a head taller than most. Good and bad points for sure and todays bad points were surfing a short board was sure to be a game of frustration and I didn't have a long board.

Dust off the swim fins and the home made hand ski for body boarding and suddenly my perspective on the world and small wave surfing gets turned on its head, and dumped into the sand bars.
The combination generated speed to catch the waves and speed along the face of the waves, soo much fun !!!
I think I'll body surf every time the waves are small, a massive advantage over everyone in terms of catching the waves and pulling into barrels is just as much fun as on a board and the thrill of getting out of the barrels is the same.
A fantastic option to have.
Hand ski in a Japanese Surf magazine

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