Monday, August 30, 2010

Typhoons 6 & 7, Surfing Japan summer swells coming

Monday 30th August

Typhoon # 6 is now heading directly over  Taiwan, here's hoping that the windward side of it is going to drive swell straight up towards the Chiba region. Yesterday I asked Hughy for some help and it seems to have worked as the typhoon has changed direction from yesterday mornings track - If we're even more lucky it will swing further out and track up the eastern side of the island and if it does start planning those sick day. 

Tyohoon #7 has just formed south of Kyushu - at this stage it looks like it will head towards Okinawa and the South China Sea so I'll start talking to Hughy again and see if he can combine it with #6 and send it out on a NE heading over the Pacific.
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