Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu

Typhoon Kompasu was located about 245 miles southeast of Okinawa early Tuesday morning with winds topping out at 75-90 knots. The system has slowed down a little and was moving towards the northwest at about 7 knots early Tuesday and the typhoon is expected to gain some more strength throughout Tuesday and is modeled to put a direct hit on the Okinawa region late Tuesday and into Wednesday with maximum winds of over 100 knots around the eye. Double to triple overhead plus storm surf will be expected with storm surf possibly double those sizes. The S/SE facing breaks up along the Kagoshima region will start to pick up later Tuesday morning and into the afternoon/evening with some head high plus surf and much larger overhead SE swell will develop late Tuesday and into Wednesday and then much smaller but still ridable short period SE swell should settle in for that area for early Thursday. Not much size is expected for later in the week for Southern Japan and the East coast will continue to see very weak conditions for the entire week with a weak fetch expected towards the east but it does not appear to be a significant wave maker. 

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