Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Typhoon Warning from NHK Surfing Japan

高い海面水温 台風に警戒

Google translation is an interesting read - - - - -  -
High sea surface temperature typhoon alert
Storms and typhoons bring heavy rain. In tropical cyclones occur per second is called a typhoon wind speed of 17.2 meters was something. Typhoon energy hot water vapor from the sea. Record heat wave this summer and found that it had been the highest in the past 25 years, sea surface temperatures around Japan in August. Higher than the state average sea surface temperature is expected to continue for some time, the weather bureau, "it is difficult if the typhoon influence wane," we said. Carefully to the typhoon warning.

Typhoons are storms with winds above 17.2 meters / second 
There was a record Hot summer this year and the seas around Japan are super heated. 
Typhoons draw the energy from hot seas
be warned the storms are expected to be bigger than normal this year.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surfing, Summer, Tokyo, Japan, ladies

The girls have been out in force around the Tokyo region this summer riding every type of craft imaginable and loving it and competing for waves - Oh Yea, bring it on girl power!!!!!

Japan Surf, Ibaraki Surfing, 2010 Pictures Video Link


A interesting clip of Surf in Ibaraki  - April 2009

Hazaki Beach Mid Summer 2010
Kawajiri in Ibaraki, winter 2010

Hurricane Earl, South Carolina, Surfing Pictures, Beach Break Barrels

Ron sent me these pictures of his sessions with Mr Earl - and damm they look good - he has a blog which is a good read, an eclectic mix of surf and trips and kids and trivia. http://wtofadreamer.tumblr.com The Wandering Thoughts of a Day Dreamer.

We spent a few years chasing typhoons up and down the East Coast of Japan and now he's switched to chasing Hurricanes

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Blues, Surf, Autum, Typhoons, Storms, Japan

This is the East coast of America , about to get slammed by Hurricane Earl - Oh Yea 
The Summer of 2010 will be remembered as a season when the hot got hotter, 100 year record for the hottest year - - Ahhhhhh!! 

And I reckon a record for the Lack of swells hitting the land of the rising sun. Blame El Nino, Blame global warming  --- what ever !! the patterns are all over the place. 
At least we don't have tar balls in Panhandle lineups.                                                                      

 So now our attention turns to Autum  and   if an epic autumn arrives at the cost of a less salubrious summer, it's a fair trade. And a fair wait.
Pic ripped from Surfline